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How much do you know about the advantages of home carpets?

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  In modern life, the use of carpets can be seen everywhere, from ordinary carpets, office carpets, school floors, home carpets and other practical carpets to valuable New Zealand wool carpets and even antique carpets. It can be said that there are many kinds of carpets and the prices are different. So, what are the advantages of carpet compared with other hard floor coverings?

  Carpet has six advantages: high practical value, strong artistic flavor, and cheap carpet price:

  1. Decorative environment: Carpets are decorative and practical handicrafts, as well as interior building decoration materials to beautify the living environment. Because the carpet has rich patterns and colors, you can choose the appropriate carpet to create your personalized art space according to your unique personal hobbies and overall needs of the environment, such as coordination with the walls and furniture, and become a fashion for the owner to show your own style. Elements, can make you in an elegant and warm artistic atmosphere, body and mind happy.

  2. Sound absorption and noise reduction: Compared with other floor materials, carpet has excellent sound absorption effect. It is an effective acoustic building material. It can absorb indoor echo noise, reduce the reflection and transmission of sound through the ground wall, and create a quiet Home environment and office environment.

  3. Heat preservation and heat conduction: Carpets have a certain degree of warmth retention than hard floor materials, and have better heat conduction effects on the heating form of floor heating, thereby increasing warmth and comfort.

  Fourth, non-slip: walking on the carpet, it is not easy to slip, and because of the soft elasticity of the carpet, it will reduce the possibility of injury due to falls, and it can protect the elderly and children.

  5. Shock absorption and comfort: Stepping on a soft and elastic carpet, you will feel relaxed, comfortable, and reduce fatigue. There will be no vibration caused by frequent collisions between hard ground and soles.

  6. Dust release and environmental protection: Because the carpet surface of the carpet is a dense pile structure, the dust falling from the air is absorbed by the pile of the carpet, preventing the dust from flying away, and relatively reducing the amount of dust in the air, and It has the function of balancing the temperature in the city and keeping the indoor air clean.

  After understanding the basic advantages of carpets, there is no doubt about the popularity of carpets. In short, comfortable feet, colorful colors, lower prices, and can be used in different areas are the advantages of carpets. The higher cost performance is beyond the reach of other floor covering materials.