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How to properly clean and place carpets

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   1. Carpets that are not used temporarily should be rolled up along the direction of the wool and stored in a cool and dry place. When rolling, the edges of the blanket should be neat, no screw-like edges should appear, and insecticide should be sprayed at the same time, and wrapped with moisture-proof articles to prevent dampness or contamination.

  2. When placing furniture on the carpet, it is better to isolate the part that touches the carpet with a gasket to reduce the pressure on the carpet surface and avoid deformation.

  3. When laying carpets, avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. During use, do not contaminate oil, acid, tea stains, etc. If there is contamination, it should be removed in time.

  4. During use, regular cleaning and dust removal should be done. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner to gently clean it in the forward direction every day. The cleaning tools used must not have teeth or rough edges, so as not to damage the carpet.

  5. If the carpet is partially moth-eaten or worn, it should be repaired by professionals in time.

  6. No cigarette butts. Current carpets generally have flame-retardant characteristics, but not every carpet has a flame-retardant function. Regardless of whether it is flame-retardant or non-flame-retardant, once the cigarette butt falls on it, at least a small scorch pit will be burnt out. Therefore, when laying carpets, there should be a small piece of leftover material in the home. When the above situation occurs, first use scissors to cut off the charred part of the blanket, then use the scissors to cut off a small part of the remaining blanket, and glue it to the trimmed charred pit, and let it dry Just comb it after it's gone through.

  7. The dirty carpet can be cleaned by a professional cleaning company after a period of time. The interval time can be determined by the degree of contamination.

  8. If the carpet is stained or aged, it is advisable to soak it with milk for a while, and then use a brush to wipe it with milk; for animal and vegetable oil stains, use cotton dipped in high-purity gasoline to wipe; juice and beer juice should be softened first Wipe the cloth with detergent solution, and then scrub with warm water and a little vinegar solution; if the ink stain is difficult to solve, sprinkle fine salt on the dirt, and then brush it off with warm water and soapy liquid.

  9. Vacuuming frequently: Vacuuming is the most basic task of carpet maintenance. It can effectively remove dust on the surface of the carpet. It is easy to operate but easy to be underestimated, so be sure to vacuum thoroughly every day.

  10. Decontamination: During use, the carpet will inevitably cause local pollution due to human factors. Once it is found to be contaminated, it should be removed immediately. Generally, the best decontamination time limit for stains should not exceed three days.